Milele Villas Zanzibar is located directly at the secluded beach of Fukuchani on the northwest coast of Zanzibar. It is comprised of only two private beach villas with pool, Villa Lisa and Villa Tatu. Both of these villas can accommodate up to 20 people and provide its guests with a relaxed and extremely peaceful atmosphere in a breathtaking environment. There are no other hotels and accommodations around in the area and it is just perfect for a tranquil and private vacation in Zanzibar. The privacy of the resort of Milele Villas Zanzibar is suited ideally for families, honeymooners and for team building in groups up to 20 persons. The unique and separated location of the private villas enables a perfect place of absolute silence and privacy in Zanzibar. Due to our small size with only two villas we are able to provide great attention to a detailed and personalized service in a unique accommodation.

Milele Villas Zanzibar is the first hotel on Zanzibar of its kind and stands out from all other Zanzibar villas! It is the first self-sufficient and environmentally friendly accommodation on the island! Electricity for our private villas is produced by solar panels and we collect rain water for using in our resort. Hot water is produced by solar heaters. Beside our eco-friendly concept we support the local community of Fukuchani, Kendwa. The furniture and the equipment of the private villas are handmade using recycled Dhow wood as base material.  We assume responsibility towards society as well by supporting Fukuchani primary school. These Zanzibar beach villas offer an open, free, and unlimited view of the beautiful and crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean – where swimming is possible during high tide. Their position is ideal to observe stunning sunsets and to discover starry African skies during bright nights. Here, after a long day in the sun, you can watch as the vibrant pinks and oranges of an African sunset pale and merge into the horizon, and celestial constellations and the dark night slowly make their appearance.

Experience with us the magic of Milele Villas Zanzibar! Milele Villas created an eco-friendly and energy self-sufficient environment with our power produced by solar panels, using solar water heaters, harvesting rain water. This minimizes any harmful impact on our environment. Check our offered packages Milele Bed & Breakfast and Milele Full Experience and combine with our specials to find your individual rate for your private villa in Zanzibar – far off the beaten track! Click here for vacancies, prices and booking of your private beach villa. Milele Villas Zanzibar is perfectly situated to ensure that you enjoy and experience as much as possible in Zanzibar.

Combined holiday in Zanzibar & Safari in Tanzania

Together with our sister company Tanzania Adventure we offer beach holiday in Zanzibar combined with a safari in Tanzania.