The idea behind Milele Villas was to create a luxury, fully serviced, yet private retreat, while keeping the impact on the environment to a minimum. This led to our luxury eco-tourism concept, here in detail.

Our villas are constructed using local building techniques and with local, natural materials such as makuti (palm leaves). They combine the beauty and the unique African-Arab style of the Swahili coast with modern comforts. The villas are furnished with recycled dhow (rigged Arab boats, typical in Zanzibar waters) wood furniture, which are crafted by our very own dhow furniture workshop.

We consciously decided not to install any air conditioning inside the villas. A/C systems result in high power consumption and contradict the eco-tourism guidelines. As an eco-friendly alternative, the villas have been carefully constructed to maximise the refreshingly cool ocean breeze. All rooms are equipped with ceiling fans, solar energy provides electricity and heated water for our guests.

At Milele Villas we understand the importance of protecting the environment and supporting local business. Our long term goal is to become completely self sufficient by utilising renewable resources and sourcing food from local farms and fishermen.

Fruits & Herbs

Zanzibar is renowned for being a Spice Island. Taking a spice tour our guests have the chance to explore the origin of many spices found in their kitchen shelves at home. But it also offers a wide variety of seasonal fruits. Mangoes, bananas, pineapples, papayas, coconuts and more are available in the local markets.

While staying at Milele Villas Zanzibar you can enjoy these delicious fruits. Fresh,  without any chemical additives and pesticides. Rediscover the genuine, mouth-watering taste of freshly picked fruits!

Keeping our ecological impact as low as possible is of high priority for us. That’s why we have planted fruit trees throughout our property around the villas. Some of them are still in their infancy, but growing quickly. Some have already started to produce fruits which we use for the preparation of our delicious dishes. While some of our fruit trees are still growing to maturity, we buy fresh fruits from local vendors. This way we support the community and limit the pollution caused by means of transportation.

Flora & Fauna

We not only planted fruit trees and herbs. Also local trees, shrubs, and bushes provide a perfect habitat for the local wildlife. These plants create a small forest, providing a refreshing shade in the midday sun. This encourages African bird species to find shelter and make a home. Lilac Breasted Rollers are regulars at Milele Villas, as well as a number of different species of Sun Birds and butterflies.

The local blooming flowers in our garden are spectacular and release an inspiring fragrance into the air. This refined scent combined with the fresh Indian Ocean breeze offers a magic experience to our guests. We create a fascinating, flowery, and natural environment by using leaves and flowers for decoration. The owner of Milele Villas considers planting gardens a very important and positive contribution to future generations. Planting Baobab trees is essential to his vision, since baobabs can live for thousands of years. And hopefully, many generations will enjoy their presence!

Food Culture

In Zanzibar, fish is an important part of the population’s diet. It provides a sustainable income for local fishermen and women. While relaxing in a sun lounger at Milele Villas Zanzibar in the morning, you will see fishermen walking towards the edge of the barrier reef. There they catch a wide variety of sea food during low tide. This includes octopus, snappers, calamari, king fish and others. At sunset the white sails of fishing dhows out on the Indian Ocean paint an idyllic picture. They go out to catch tuna, mackerel and other large game fish. All fish and sea food served at Milele Villas is purchased from local fishermen, caught the same day. The combination of fresh fish, Zanzibar spices and our chef’s experience creates an explosion of flavours that will delight your senses.

Community Support

Since Milele Villas are located near an established community, it is important to respect the local culture and support it in any possible way. That’s why we purchase food and supplies from individuals and local businesses. The majority of our staff come from the surrounding area.  We also encourage our guests to visit the local villages to learn more about a unique way of life. Tourism creates new sources of income for the local population. It allows people to diversify, learn new skills and improve their own daily life.