In the light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the following booking conditions apply as from 01. December 2020:


Bookings should be confirmed in writing by email, WhatsApp or Telegram.

In order to confirm a reservation, a deposit of 30% of the invoiced amount is required at booking time, the remaining balance is due 14 days prior to arrival.

Please refer to the payment section below to see payment options.


Any cancellation of a reservation must be in writing by email, WhatsApp or Telegram and will be effective only upon its receipt and acknowledgement.

  • Cancellation earlier than 14 days prior to arrival: 30% of the invoiced amount
  • Cancellation within 14 days prior to arrival: 100% of the invoiced amount
  • Alternative to cancelling a reservation, guests have the option to postpone their deposited reservation as far as November 2023. In this case the payment already done will be credited towards the new reservation.


In the light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, changes in deposited reservations are free of charge.


Non-residents of Tanzania are required by law to pay in foreign convertible currencies. You can wire the amount to our bank account or we can charge your Visa or Mastercard via a secure online platform (3.5% surcharge).

Payment options are:

  • Wire Transfer, Cash Deposit
    Banking details included in invoice
  • Credit Card
    3.5% credit card fee apply

Note that on international wire transfers intermediary/correspondent bank charges might apply. These are not covered by the transaction charges claimed by your bank and do not reflect in bank statements (neither yours nor ours). As a result the amount received by Milele Villas can differ from the amount actually transferred. This balance needs to be settled together with the service bill upon check out.

Upon request your bank has to provide the SWIFT copy of your transaction, which shows all banks and their charges involved in said transaction.


We cannot be held responsible for any road, airstrip, access, and weather condition, which may cause difficulties in traveling. Any change to the initial schedule is subject to the above-mentioned conditions and rates.


The company and its owner, manager, management staff, and employees shall not be held responsible for any injury or death of people staying at our property and for any loss or damage of personal properties, regardless of the cause.

It is your sole responsibility to receive proper medical advice for any medication, immunization, vaccination, and a medical health check up, prior to departure, to make sure you are fit and prepared to travel. The company shall not be liable for any illness, injury, or death while visiting the property owned and managed by the company.


“Force Majeure “ refers to all the circumstances beyond the control of the company (acts of God, explosions, floods, storms, fires, accidents, wars or threats of war, sabotages, insurrections, civil disturbances, requisitions, sickness, quarantines, government interventions, weather conditions or any other external events)
In case of force majeure, the company will shortly inform you of the nature and extent of the situation.

In case of force-majeure, the company is not liable to you and considered responsible of any delay, lack of service, difficulty, issue, and problem caused by force-majeure.

If the company is affected by force majeure, it can, at its own discretion, vary or cancel any reservation or arrangement as far as the accommodation and the tours are concerned. Payment of any refund by the company to you as result of the non-performance of any company shall use its reasonable endeavours to reimburse you where possible. However, the company shall be entitled to deduct from any refund recoverable to the reasonable actual and potential costs to the company of the force majeure.


These are the only terms and conditions that rule the relations between you and the company. No alterations to these terms and conditions is allowed by any employee, authorized representative, or agent of the company, unless in writing by an authorized officer of the company. All decisions and matters at the company’s discretion shall be authorized by an officer of the company. The company reserves the right to employ sub-contractors for its services.


If you have any complaint during your stay, you must immediately bring it to the attention of the company’s representative or agent, who will make any effort to solve your problem.


You automatically agree to all the Terms and Conditions when you pay the deposit or any other partial payment for your reservation. These Terms cannot be changed, unless in writing and authorised and signed by an authorised staff of the company.