zanzibar security


The security situation on Zanzibar is relaxed and calm. Like in most other countries it however is advisable to avoid public gatherings or protests.

Security on Tanzania Mainland

Lately the number of incidents with fake taxi drivers in and around Dar es Salaam seems to be increasing. Tourists are being robbed or forced to withdraw from an ATM by these fake taxi drivers. This kind of crime mostly happens in train stations, bus stations or ferry terminals. It is therefore advisable to only use registered taxis which can be detected by their green, yellow or blue stripes along both sides of the cars. It also cannot be wrong to have the driver show his registration.

In general:
Try to avoid:

  • Hitch hiking
  • Assistance on withdrawing money

Be alert when:

  • Using solitary, not guarded beaches or neighbourhoods
  • Having a walk or long distance drive after dark