Riding a horse has something adventurous about it. For many people it is even more than a sportive activity, it is a lifestyle. Whether you are passionate about horses or just want to try something new, Horseback riding on Zanzibar is a unique and unforgettable experience. Ride along crystal clear blue waters on a white sandy beach, right into the sunset or sunrise or explore the village of Nungwi on the back of a horse. The sun is too hot? Take your horse for a swim in the Indian Ocean!

Milele Villas has partnered with the Zanzibar Horse Club. The stables offer beach and village rides for the whole family.

Zanzibar Horse Club was established in 2018. They are partners with ZAASO, the Zanzibar Animal Affection Society, an NGO aimed at animal protection. Their goals are to create awareness for animal rights and to stop animal cruelty. The Nungwi based stables of the Zanzibar Horse Club gave a new home to some horses previously fostered there. 25% of the stables’ profits are donated to ZAASO.