The magical beauty of Zanzibar does not end with its extraordinary ocean view and enchanting sunsets. The island is home to another marvel. Just above us, every night, the stars depict patterns that astronomers called constellations, which narrate stories of mythological gods and sacred animals and tell tales of remote and ancient times. After sunset, the stars rise from the sky like magical genies. If you raise your eyes and observe the night sky, you will witness the appearance of an unforgettable display of twinkling and bright lights and mythological legends.

Our position, just below the equator, allows us to observe, during the entire year, most of the constellations of the Northern and Southern hemispheres, offering a mesmerizing show of astonishing beauty.

Here, while gazing at the sky, you will be able to recognize the constellations, you will learn their names, and discover how human imagination created marvelous visions, images, and legends by contemplating and examining the night sky.