Paddling in crystal clear blue waters with an endless horizon in front of you and a white sandy beach behind you is an unforgettable experience and inspires memorable feelings. On the beach in the front of Milele, you can jump into one of our two kayaks and discover this new world. According to your level and experience, you can either stay close to the  shore or paddle till the end of the reef, where you can kayak surf, snorkel, or free dive. As you move through the ocean, you can observe the water below and fishes swimming underneath your kayak. You will be able to see corals, sea urchins, and, if you are lucky, even sting rays! The best time to explore the ocean will vary depending on tides, winds, seasons, and months. Check our Zanzibar tides and wind forecast page for more detailed information.

Our kayaks  are extremely stable and the seating area is open. If you take a splash into the ocean, you will simply find yourself swimming (or standing depending on the depth) with the kayak close to you offering support. Kayaking can be enjoyed at all ages. It is a liberating experience to paddle into the ocean with confidence and come back to the shore with a smile on your face and an energizing experience to share!

Inquire for the best times to go kayaking in the Indian Ocean. According to your experience and level, there is a number of different activities you can enjoy. We ask our guests to be aware that the ocean is unpredictable and to be honest about their abilities. It is extremely important for their safety. Some handy tips before kayaking:

  • Don’t go kayaking by yourself
  • If you are doubting your abilities, talk to our manager first
  • Always let someone know that you are going kayaking and give an estimated time that you will be back
  • Be honest with yourself about your fitness level
  • Always plan ahead when coming back to shore – remember that you have to paddle back the same distance you  covered before
  • Wear sensible footwear
  • Always wear a life jacket
  • Use sunscreen and wear a hat. If possible and if you are kayaking for more than an hour,  you should wear a wetsuit. The water reflects the sun which can be dangerous!
  • Keep hydrated

Please be aware that  kayaking is at your own risk – you will be asked to sign an indemnity form before kayaking.