If you take a twenty minute drive from Milele Villas you reach the small fishermen village of Nungwi. Here you find a natural aquarium (where sea turtles peacefully live), a boat building yard, and the fish market. You may visit the village by yourself or take a guided Nungwi tour, to get interesting information about the place and its inhabitants.

Nungwi Fish Market

The best time to visit Nungwi is early morning. That’s when the fish market is lively and crowded. Depending on previous night’s fishing, you might find offered tuna, king fish, dorado, red snapper and a variety of other big game fish.

In the morning local fishermen and women head to the barrier reef to catch a number of different small sea creatures such as squids, octopuses, puffer fishes. Sometimes they even manage to catch rays. You can buy these catches at the fish market throughout the day.

Nungwi Aquarium

Nungwi natural aquarium is home to beautiful sea turtles and a variety of fish. The aquarium is a natural formation in the coral bedrock, created by the erosion of millions of waves crashing against the shore. The depth of the water varies according to the tides, creating a fascinating natural environment for its inhabitants.

Nungwi Dhow Boat Building Yard

While watching the white sails of the Dhows in the Indian Ocean, you might wonder how these impressive boats are built. On your Nungwi tour you have the chance to visit the Nungwi Boat Yard, an instructive experience. You will meet the ship yard owner and learn how the ships are constructed. Starting from the choice of wood to the more advanced phases.

The best way to end an exciting day is a sunset dhow cruise, providing the calming experience of sailing in one of these traditional boats.