Milele Villas Zanzibar | Stone Town Tour


Rich in historical traces of the past, Stone Town in Zanzibar was once the biggest business center of Eastern Africa. It was the trading center for ivory, spices, and slaves.

Stowntown is an UNESCO heritage site

During the centuries, it was dominated by the Portuguese Reign, the Arabs, the Sultans of Oman, and the British Empire. This interesting past created a unique and fascinating town and an incredible architectural and cultural variety and diversity.  During the tour you will experience and be inspired by many different and fascinating images, smells, and sounds. You will visit:

  • House of Wonders
  • Palace Museum
  • Dr Livingston’s House (important for his struggle against the slave trade)
  • Arab Fort
  • House of the most important slave trader, “Tippu Tip”
  • Anglican Church of Christ
  • Old Slave Market
  • Central Market

We offer an intriguing historical and cultural overview of Zanzibar and it is essential to understand the richness, beauty, and diversity of the island. The City Tour lasts 2 – 3 hours and, in the meantime, you can also train your bargaining skills and buy souvenirs at the colorful local shops. In order to enjoy a full experience of Zanzibar, we highly recommend to take the Spice Tour as well.