Here a brief overview of the most frequently asked questions on Zanzibar vacations. More detailed information on each subject can be found HERE

How safe is Zanzibar in terms of COVID-19?

Zanzibar authorities have implemented measures like temperature checks for tourists upon arrival, special flight manifest requirements etc. in order to keep the island safe. Complying with these guidelines, Milele Villas have implemented own measures to keep our guests safe.

Do I need a visa for Zanzibar?

Zanzibar Vacation Entry

A visa is required for almost everyone entering Zanzibar/Tanzania. The price for a single-entry (tourist) visa is 50 $ for most nationalities, for US citizens it is 100 $. Visas can be obtained at any point of entry as well as 4 – 6 weeks prior to entry via the Tanzanian embassy in your country.

Do I need vaccinations for Zanzibar?


The only situation when a vaccination is required is when entering Zanzibar after a stay of more than 12 hours in a yellow fever endemic country. In this case the vaccination certificate needs to be processed at the point of entry. Other vaccinations to be considered depending on your mode of travelling.

What is the currency on Zanzibar?

Milele Villas Zanzibar Currency

The local currency is the Tanzanian Shilling, ISO-4217-Code: TZS, USD however are accepted throughout the island(s). There are however some things to be considered in order to avoid inconveniences.

Is Zanzibar safe to visit?

zanzibar vacation security

The security situation on Zanzibar is relaxed and calm. Like in most other countries it however is advisable to avoid public gatherings or protests.

What should I wear in Zanzibar?


Most Western countries have a rather liberal and casual attitude when it comes to clothing. Zanzibar dress code, as required by Islam on the other hand, is a more conservative minimum dress code for both, men and women.

What to consider when taking pictures on Zanzibar?

Beach Villa Zanzibar Photography

Pictures of buildings and scenery, including people, can be taken any time. It is however strictly prohibited to take pictures of governmental buildings, persons or vehicles.

How to tip on Zanzibar?

Milele Villas Zanzibar Tip

Tipping in Zanzibar is voluntary and at your own discretion, depending on the service you receive. Unlike many Western countries, there is no standard tip in bars and restaurants.

How is the weather on Zanzibar?

Zanzibar Tide

Zanzibar is located off the coast of Tanzania on 6 degrees south in the Indian Ocean. The climate is tropical due to the proximity to the equator. In accordance with the tropical climate, there are few fluctuations in temperatures during the year. The temperatures in Zanzibar are high all year round and average between 25 degrees and 28 degrees. It is the “coolest” from June to August, the highest temperatures are around 30° C, while in the other months it is definitely well over thirty degrees. The nightly low temperatures range between 23 and 25 degrees in the course of the year, but can drop, albeit rarely, to just under 20 degrees in the cooler months. The driest time in Zanzibar is between June and October and in January and February with two to five rainy days per month.

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