The villas’ private pools are open from the moment guests check in. Note that there is no life guard is on duty! Parent(s) must be present at all times as long as children are in the pool area.

Our pools get cleaned every morning, their water quality is measured morning and evening and the appropriate measures are being taken to maintain perfect pH and chlorine levels.

Please take into consideration that Milele Villas is not in a position of running the pool pumps all day due to the exclusive use of solar energy. Hence there are some guidelines we ask you to keep in mind in order to keep your pool in perfect shape:

  • Please don’t enter the pools wearing street clothes
  • Sun lotion/blockers washed off in the pool contaminate its water and can cause chemical reactions resulting in staining of swim wear. That’s why we kindly ask you to wait for 15 minutes before entering your pool after application
  • Please always shower before entering the pools